R3eWaste provides Nationwide IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Secure Data Destruction with Full-Spectrum Corporate and Residential Services.

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Nationwide Electronics & Computer Recycling

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

R3eWaste is committed to REDUCE waste in our landfills by recycling what other companies no longer accept.

We REUSE any item or device that is still functioning and, in many cases, return revenue to you.

We RECYCLE the rest.

We are a zero-landfill company. There is no need to waste time and money with multiple vendors and processes. One call to R3eWaste and we will create a recycling plan specific to your needs. We service companies large and small, government agencies and municipalities, and even provide recycling support for local residents.

The r3e Waste Process

Our process is simple.

asset collection

We COLLECT, with no pickup fee, all materials from your business. Our team is R2 trained and fully insured. We do all the work. We provide pallet and wrapping services as needed. Sensitive components – such as in data centers – are carefully disassembled to ensure the total security of your data. All is packed and secured and delivered directly to our facility. Our nationwide shipping partners provide the same service across the country.


Nationwide ITAD Program


We SORT and weigh all your recycling at our facility and provide you with a breakdown of all the materials that have been collected. We TRACK your items using our industry-leading Inventory Management System (IMS) from the moment they enter our facility to their final destination. We are the only company that provides this kind of complete transparency throughout the process.



secure data

We ERASE any data bearing device – including those in printers. Data is completely erased using a 4-step process that exceeds even Department of Defense standards. Protecting your data is our first priority. We provide serialized data-wipe certification upon request.


Secure Data Destruction


We determine the VALUE of any of your items and work with downstream partners across the country and world to extract maximum value from all your recycling.

We SHARE that revenue with you and assure you a significant return on you end-of-life assets.


R3E Waste Partner Program


RECYCLED commodities are sent to our fully certified downstream partners. Nothing goes to a landfill, ever.


Accepted Items

‍R3eWaste accepts all standard electronic components. Servers and data centers, computers, monitors, printers, cell phones, batteries, cameras, audio equipment, UPS devices, credit card devices, and much more.


Residential Services

‍Unfortunately, in most cases, we can no longer pickup up recycling from residences. However, our facility is open for drop-offs from 8am to 3:00pm weekdays. We suggest you call first as some items may include a small cost. Our community page contains information on local recycling events and facilities.




**NOTE We do not accept CRT devices or TVs
**Recycling fees apply to select items. Please call the nearest location for details.

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Corporate Case Study

Learn how Sonora Quest Laboratories partnered with R3eWaste to save money, generate revenue, and protect the environment while consolidating the number of recycling partners they have to manage.

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