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The R3eWaste Inventory Management System (IMS), is a proprietary web based software developed by R3eWaste specifically to log and track electronic waste from the moment it arrives in our facility to its final destination.

Each pickup is weighed and identified with its company of origin. Then as the items are sorted and separated, scales under each commodity  (keyboards, wire, circuit boards etc) communicate with IMS and so we are able to track your commodities generation in real time. Items eligible for resale are tracked individually.

All of data is fed into IMS. Partner Program members with their own custom dashboard displays all data in real time. The entire process is completely transparent and accurate.

The IMS allows R3eWaste customer to be confident that their recycling is being managed responsibly and, equally importantly, know exactly how much revenue return to expect back from the resale of their end-of-life assets.


Corporate Case Study

Learn how Sonora Quest Laboratories partnered with R3eWaste to save money, generate revenue, and protect the environment while consolidating the number of recycling partners they have to manage.

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