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Protecting your data, controlling your assets, and maximizing recovery value is a concern for every company. Retiring your end-of-life assets without a fully transparent and trackable operation in place is a risk you can’t afford to take. You need to be sure you are meeting regulations and minimizing corporate risk.

It’s easy to make mistakes with your end-of-life electronics. Don’t make these THREE BIG MISTAKES with yours.

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Decommission your IT assets and outdated data center equipment. Most customers prefer to do this themselves. However, should this prove impractical we have trained specialists who are able to perform this critical task.

Pack your IT assets for transport. We have teams of ‘White Glove’ technicians who will pack your equipment for shipping.

Inventory your IT equipment. This is to whatever level of detail you require. You will be provided with a login to our IMS system whereupon all reports are available online. These reports extend to all commodities generated from those items not eligible for resale.

Wipe all your data storage devices, hard drives, and data bearing equipment to DoD standards. We perform a 3 pass overwrite of every memory address on each drive with the last pass writing a zero. We then perform a ‘Checksum’ to verify every address is a zero.

Provide data destruction of your IT assets along with certificates of destruction or recycling.

Log and track your IT assets. What was sold, who to and for what amount. If recycled, the weights of each commodity, the value and to which of our downstream processors they were shipped to. All the way to final disposition.

Test, grade, repair & refurbish your IT assets. We prefer to sell to end-users as this returns the greatest value. We have established relationships spanning 2 decades who trust us to have thoroughly tested all equipment. With your IMS login you will even be able to view individual test criteria for all equipment.

Return revenue from IT Assets via remarketing and reselling. We have a variety of revenue share options. Typically we attribute a third of revenues to costs (labor, shipping, testing, sales) then at minimum you will receive 50% of the balance.

Data Security

Security of your data is our prime concern. We take full custody of your data and take every measure possible to keep it safe and destroyed completely.

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Value Recovery

Your end-of-life assets have real value. Our revenue share opportunities are the best in the industry. Don’t settle for a revenue neutral plan when you can expect a significant return on your investment.

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Our R2 certification is audited by a third-party to ensure we are always completely compliant with all government regulations and environmental mandates.



A sustainability plan needs to include asset disposition and responsible care for the environment. You need to be able to show that your assets, costs, and logistics are being managed efficiently throughout their entire lifecycle.

Why Proper IT Asset Disposition is Important

IT assets and equipment won’t remain functional forever. Without proper decommission and disposal you leave your organization open to all kinds of risks like:

– Violation of your client and customer privacy
– Negative impact on your business’s reputation
– Government fines and penalties

With a proper services program in place, you mitigate all of these risks, while giving your organization peace of mind. An ITAD program will help to improve data and hardware security and destruction, while ensuring a proper chain of custody through every step.

Our IT asset disposition services are designed to help you completely destroy any legacy data and hardware, via processes like shredding, sanitization, decommissioning, responsible recycling, and even redeployment of technology assets–all while reducing environmental impact.

ITAD Do’s and Don’ts


DON’T assume your end-of-life IT assets are still tracked by your software


DON’T accept that a revenue-neutral plan is your best option


DON’T store IT assets in an uncontrolled environment. They quickly lose value and accumulate risk


DO insure you have access to an accurate and dynamic inventory or your disposed IT assets


DO create an audit trail that includes disposition routes, mass balance reporting, and certificates of data destruction and data erasure


DO maintain a sustainability plan that includes waste reduction, raw material reclamation, refurbishment, and increased asset recovery


DO maintain a plan for the entire lifecycle of your IT assets


DO request an online tracking portal of your IT Assets. It’s a simple, fast, and easy way to know you are covered


DO remember that IT Assets contain hazardous materials and must be responsibly managed


DO insist on Data security and maintain documented proof of meeting all regulations


DO ensure your vendors maintain active and varied resale channels


DO remember the best vendors efficiently manage logistics and costs

Hiring a Professional IT Asset Disposition Team

Data and equipment security is at the forefront of most IT teams minds. However, this same thinking must extend into IT assets and equipment that are no longer useful.

By implementing a secure disposal and IT asset management plan your organization will remain in compliance with government regulations and keep your business reputation intact.

By choosing a quality asset disposition provider you help your organization remain complaint, safely dispose of outdated equipment and client data, and even recover your original investment with a value recovery program.


Corporate Case Study

Learn how Sonora Quest Laboratories partnered with R3eWaste to save money, generate revenue, and protect the environment while consolidating the number of recycling partners they have to manage.

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