The R3E Recycling Dashboard – An Introduction


The R3E Recycling Dashboard – An Introduction

I am writing today to let you know about a new set of services we are introducing which may well be of interest to your company. We can now offer to meet all of your recycling needs across the board – picking up everything; e-Waste, batteries, toner, and more. Currently, you are most likely using several companies to process all of your recyclables and are probably being charged for various services. If enrolled in our Dashboard program not only do we recycle everything, we actually pay you!


At the same time, we provide a link for your website to your own personalized Recycling Dashboard. See the dashboard from our home page.

Brand-able Dashboard to Demonstrate Your Commitment to the Environment

This is R3EWaste’s Dashboard which shows all of our recycled material by category. If enrolled in this program, your link would show only your recycled material by weight. So, with the link on the home page, you are looking at everything we have recycled. As material comes in it is all entered into our IMS and this data is immediately reflected in the dashboard. Your dashboard would be personalized, displaying your company name and your logo.


Visitors to your website, then, would be able to ‘drill down’ into specific categories, subcategories, and further. This allows you, and by extension your customers, to see in detail exactly how much material was recycled, by category, weight, and date range. For example, how many LCD monitors did your company recycle in the first 6 months of 2018? What about batteries or fluorescent light-bulbs?


The Dashboard was designed to be an easy, visually intuitive medium to demonstrate your company’s commitment to recycling, both internally and externally. Many of our customers use it for internal reporting or external marketing efforts!


I’d be delighted to explain more in person and possibly demonstrate to other stakeholders who may have an interest – facilities personnel or an environmental officer for example.


R3eWaste can help your organization benefit from responsible electronics and technology recycling. Contact us today!