What to do With Your Old Data Center Equipment?

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Upgrading Your Data Centers? Essential Tips for Disposing of Old IT Equipment


As one of the rapidly growing streams in the US and worldwide, older electrical and IT equipment are becoming a landfill nightmare. With the technological advancements and an average lifespan of corporate IT equipment spanning less than 2 or 3 years, recycling the computers has become paramount to our sustainability. Here we bring our top 5 tips for appropriately disposing your old IT equipment and making space for the advanced and upgraded systems.


1.    Secure Sensitive Data

Data theft has come to hound corporates as it has become a growing concern. Taking appropriate steps in deleting all confidential data and reformatting hard drives has been of vital importance. If this is something you cannot attain, then organize for a third party reputable IT recycler to provide the support needed. These certified recyclers follow rigid recycling processes including data destruction before disposals/recycling of the equipment.


2.    Give accountability to someone for computer disposal

It may sound a small task to manage IT infrastructure, but this is a mammoth task, and when it comes to switching or replacing all these desktops, laptops, servers – a company priority is to ensure minimum downtime that affects the business hours and operations. This means, having a dedicated Team to manage this IT Assets will hopefully ensure the replacement process go as smooth as possible.


3.    Storage for IT Recycling

Upgrading the IT Assets and Data Centers does not always mean easily able to get rid of the Old assets immediately.  As the new equipment arrives, will the dedicated team be hands on with both the Collections of new kits as well as disposing of the old one? Sometimes, that is not possible, and thus dedicated a small storage space for placing the Old Assets is always a good idea


4.    Work only with Responsible Recyclers

Regulations are in place for most of the States to properly manage the disposal of electrical equipment and ensuring the hazardous and toxic substances do not cause harm to humans or to the environment. Working with a certified recycler like R3EWaste can allow that peace of mind as you’re always in compliance with recycling regulations outlined by the Authorities. R3EWaste will arrange the collection, responsible recycle and then dispose of the old equipment putting less pressure on internal teams and saving valuable time.


5.    Do you have the Recycling documentation?

By working with a responsible and certified e-waste recycler, you won’t have to worry about completing and obtaining the documentation needed for proof of compliance. Yes, you’ll be internally responsible for managing the process, but with a third party recycler by your side who is industry certified, you will be able to easily manage the electronics disposal.


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