Corporate Revenue Share Models

Get Value Back from Your Technology Investment

Your organization invested quite a bit into your technology. When that technology no longer meets your needs, you should get maximum value back from that investment. That is where our IT Asset Disposition services come in.

Unique Among Technology and Electronics Recyclers

We developed an industry first inventory management system (IMS) that provides complete transparency into the resale and recycle of your old equipment.

You are given a dashboard that shows you exactly what happened with each asset. You know what was recycled, what was resold, and know that nothing ever ends up in the landfill.

If an item is resold, you see instantly how much it sold for and who purchased it. Most electronics and computer recycler would never want you to know this information because they are giving you pennies on the dollar.

33% Revenue Sharing Model

With our program, we split revenues into three thirds. One third covers our costs. One third is our profit. And one third is returned to your organization. This is far more than you will receive from any other technology recycler.

You have options on how those funds are returned to you. In most cases, our corporate clients take advantage of our full-service recycling solution. This solution allows you to use a single provider for all of your recyclables – all at zero cost to you.

This is where you can start to see real savings and simplicity. Eliminate multiple waste and eWaste service contracts and consolidate with a single partner, R3eWaste. By using us, you will also keep more of your waste out of the dumpster, and ultimately out of the landfill.

How to Protect Your Data?

Worried about what will happen to your data? We completely understand. We provide certified Data Destruction. We have a couple of options depending on your needs.

We follow Department of Defense (DoD) standards for data removal and give you a certificate of destruction (COD) that indemnifies your organization from any liability. If that is enough, and you are still concerned that someone might access your data, we offer complete hard drive destruction.

Get Maximum Value from Your Technology Investment

Learn how R2eWaste can solve all of your recycling challenges, contact us today!