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R3eWaste provides Nationwide IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Secure Data Destruction with Full-Spectrum Corporate and Residential Services.

Electronics & Computer Recycling in Mesa, Arizona

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

R3eWaste maintains a steadfast commitment to reducing landfill waste by accepting recyclable materials that other companies refuse to accept for recycling. We find ways to reuse functional devices to increase asset-based revenue for our customers whenever possible and minimize the amount of waste that winds up in landfills.

Whatever materials we receive that cannot be reduced or reused we recycle. R3eWaste is dedicated to maintaining our promise to never add anything to local landfills. We believe that wasting time and resources by coordinating with an excessive number of vendors and complex waste removal operations. When you contact R3eWaste, our team will help you develop a corporate asset recycling strategy specific to your operation and business goals. Our client list in the Tempe, Arizona area includes companies of all sizes, various municipalities, and government agencies. We also offer recycling support services for Tempe-area residents.

The r3e Waste Process

R3eWaste maintains a straightforward recycling process.

asset collection


We start our process by collecting all of the recyclable materials from your organization with zero pickup fees. Our team will handle everything and is fully R2 trained and insured. We’ll take care of lifting, pallets, and wrapping when required, and if you need to recycle sensitive hardware like a data center or server structure, we’ll handle disassembly with complete data security. After collecting your items we transport them securely and immediately to our Mesa area facility. R3eWaste also offers the same collection service nationwide thanks to our wide network of secure shipping partners.


Nationwide ITAD Program


After collecting all of your recyclable materials, we weigh and inventory everything using our advanced Inventory Management System (IMS). The IMS begins tracking your items from the moment they enter the R3eWaste recycling facility and continues until they reach their final destinations with our downstream partners. R3eWaste is the only Mesa area recycling company to offer this high level of transparency.



secure data

Your team will never worry about data security when you work with R3eWaste. Our team will fully wipe every data-bearing device we collect with a specialized four-step data deletion process that overshadows even the Department of Defense’s deletion procedures. Data security is a top priority for us, and we can even provide a serialized certification for your data-wiped hardware upon request.


Secure Data Destruction


We carefully assess the downstream value of every item we collect from your organization. Our vast network of downstream partners allows us to maximize the value of your recyclable materials, and we share the total resulting revenue with your organization so you can get the highest possible return from your end-of-life electronics.


R3E Waste Partner Program


Nothing we collect in the Mesa, Arizona will wind up in a landfill. Everything goes through our network of fully certified network of downstream partners.

Accepted Items

R3eWaste accepts every kind of standard electronic device with very few exceptions. The items we accept include computers, monitors, cell phones, UPS devices, batteries, printers, audio equipment, cameras, and much more.

Residential Services

We no longer provide residential recycling pickup services to Mesa residences, but Mesa residents can still take advantage of our drop-off recycling services. We ask that residents call our facility before dropping off their electronic recyclable items as some drop-offs may require nominal fees. Drop-off service is also available at our Phoenix electronics recycling location every weekday from 8am to 3pm, and Mesa area residents can find more information about our residential services, local recycling events, and our facilities on the R3eWaste Community page.



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Waste Dashboard

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Corporate Case Study

Learn how Sonora Quest Laboratories partnered with R3eWaste to save money, generate revenue, and protect the environment while consolidating the number of recycling partners they have to manage.

Read the case study