R3eWaste On The Air!

R3eWaste On The Air!

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R3eWaste Owner, Graham Wollaston, Interviewed About Technology Recycling

“We want to encourage recycling,” says R3eWaste owner Graham Wollaston. “Recycling should not be a cost; in fact, it can be a revenue. ”Wollaston hit the airwaves recently with Rex Perry on KFNX’s B2B Network Show. During the interview Wollaston describes ways businesses can generate a return on their end-of-life electronics and the importance of data security and sanitization.

He also discusses with Rex how all electronics have either a commodity (scrap) value or an inherent value (resale) and that R3eWaste provides an option for businesses to see a return from both sources. “This is smart business… a very valuable number to keep on hand, “ says Rex Hunt. “We don’t want all that electronics going in the landfill.”


Listen to the entire interview here: