Residential Electronics Recycling

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Residential Electronics Recycling

What to do with your obsolete electronics?

Today, technology progresses at a frantic pace. Because of this, we are often upgrading to new cell phones, televisions, laptops and PCs, printers, audio equipment, and more. It can be difficult to know what to do with the old devices.

See the electronics, technology, televisions, and more that R3eWaste recycles.

It is tempting to sell your old equipment on Ebay or Craigslist. Or if the device has little value, simply throw it in the dumpster. However, these may not be the best ideas.

Data Risks

Some of your devices store very sensitive and private information. Most likely you use your computer or phone to do online banking. You automatically log into sites and apps like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, or even Tinder. This is data you probably wouldn’t willingly share with strangers.

Your data deserves the same precautions as the ones used by military. R3eWaste’s Secure Data Destruction adheres to the Department of Defense (DoD) standards for data erasure. By using our services, you can feel confident that your data is secure.

Environmental Risks

Our personal electronic devices also contain a lot of elements that are dangerous to the planet. Cell phones and LCD panels contain arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, and their batteries contain heavy metals like cobalt and zinc.

Many of the chemicals in our devices are Persistent Bio-accumulative Toxins (PBT) that can find their way into the air and groundwater when they are incinerated or discarded in landfills. This why we believe in responsible tech recycling.

Recycle all your electronic devices with R3eWaste.

R3eWaste has a zero landfill, zero tolerance policy. We do our best to repurpose equipment safely and responsibly when possible. If an item does need to be recycled, we work with downstream partners that find a home for every element of your device.

We no longer offer Residential Pickups of TVs and electronics.

We no longer offer residential pickups for ewaste. We run 28′ box trucks with a crew of 2 and for obvious reasons it is simply uneconomic to send something like this out to pickup from a residence. You are however welcome to drop your ewaste off at our facility. Please note that there is a charge for processing all televisions and most printers. The charge for televisions varies by type and size and will range from $40 to $80. If you are unfortunate to have a Sony Trinitron, these are in a class by themselves and will cost $120. Contact us for more details.

Let us help you recycle your electronics responsibly.

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